one crazy BT-weekend

Lez and Magnum coming to Barzieh Land

Conditions were perfect, so we raced and burned rubber for hours - untill...

You guess what happened ?!?

Stupid Misa was too hard on the throttle and too easy on cutting corners:
on a final lap, I hit a chair, lost controll and met the pavement the hard way

At first, it looked like a small injury only...

...but even a break with cooling the leg in a near-by lake couldn't help:
my knuckle started to swoll and just got bigger and bigger

We headed to the local hospital and were still
all smiles while waiting for the diagnosis

A sweet nurse and a way-too-cool doc took down my data and examined my leg

Result: a fracture of the outer-bone and two ripped sinews

After realizing what that ment... I was fucked!

The final result: a specialist from austria bolted my bones back together and fixed the
ripped sinews. Damn, still hurts. It's gonna take about 5 weeks untill I'll be able to walk again
and 10 months untill they'll take out the steel panel and the 6 bolts

Before --- After
Stupid is who stupid does !