Little pix taken during work

This was our first idea of what the set-up should look like and
where the pumps should be located in the trunk

Here we started mounting everything on the welded frame for the first time.
Most of the hoses are connected and the bending of the pipes has been done

Before taking the frame to the Röhl Custom Paint Ltd , we again tested it for perfect fitting. After the
paint was completely dry, we could go on installing the polished plaque and the shiny pumps

This is a detailed look at the way the hoses run from the dumps past the battery compartment

The machine in the left pic is a Jetcutter which cuts materials of all sorts using a very thin water-jet.
Although Röhl Inc. of Germany owns almost every tool and kind of hardware one can imagine, we had to go to the
H-Town University's machine labatory to custom cut the steel fittings we needed. Thanks Torben !

This takes us to the far-back part of my trunk as well as to it's bottom side. Everything is in it's place
now and and you can see the ways the hoses run going out to the cylinders. While the back
cylinders are hooked up with the pumps from the inside of the car, the hoses connecting the front ones
run through the bottom of the trunk and then go along the frame of the car all the way to the front suspension.

Now this finally is the suspension on display. The left picture shows the lower part
of the rear axle with the re-inforcement mounted below it. It supports the cylinder and reduces
the preasure put on the screws. On the right you can take a look into the front right wheel
well where the hydraulic hose connects to the front cylinder.

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