Parts used for to lay-it-low

This is the frame on which the pumps and batteries are mounted. It can either be
welded or screwed onto the trunk floor panel

This shows basicly all the tech stuff you need. More detailed pix below....

Left pic: steel plates which become attached to the trunk from below and which mount the frame to the floor panel.
Right pic: the for cylinders which will replace the original shocks. The oil pressed into them will lift the car.

Left pic: these are the solenoids that direct the electric flow to the pumps.
Right pic: these are two of the four ride-rockets. Placed between the dumps and the cylinders,
they give the car a stock type suspension feel while driving on the street.

Left pic: these are custom made steel fitings which are mounted below
the lower a-arms to keep the cylinders in place.
Right pic: these are two of the four dumps which direct and control the oil-flow.

Left pic: this is an inside view at the switch-box. It contains 8 switches, about one for each move.
Right pic: this is controll-panel which receives the signals from the switch-box and redirects
them to the Hydraulics. It's installed in the trunk

For additional info about parts, installation as well as turn-key lowrides, check out....