The secrets of building a lowrider

You expected to find some real back ground info right here?
Well, there are no big secrets to hydro installation. You just need to get the
necassary parts, get started and gain experience by trying different options. If
you're not totally left-handed and know your way around cars a little, just give it a try !
But take a look at what help me out on my first project....

Friends that already have experience and know how
to handle material and tech

Gas, grass or ass - nobody works for free. So don't leave them thirsty !

Now, you should never be too busy to grill and once possible, leave some time for playing with your new toy

But try not to drool too much. Still pay attention to details

Taking a close look is most important for the lowride-suspension. Because if your Lowrider strikes, ....

And check how low your ride finally is before you hit the road.
We had some major street scrapin' action

For additional info about parts, installation as well as turn-key lowrides, check out....