The History of the W114 / W115

My /8 how it used to be before the restauration

The /8 series is in many aspects a very special Mercedes. The /8 was the first
Mercedes built for and aiming at all types of buyers. All earlier models used to be
sort of above the market-standard, price- quality- and status-wise.
With almost 2 Million produced and sold cars, the /8 was very succesful.
Mercedes sold more /8s then all the after-war models combined together.
When the W 114 (modell ID) came out in 1968, it was a completely new
constructed car. The most important improvement was the totaly new
structured suspension. The suspension in the rear gave the car an excelent
road track which even today is still convincing in it's performance.
The car was designed and built to inherit all the latest safety innovstions.
All models were equiped with disk breaks in front and rear. In comparison
to earlier models, the interiour now had a more modest and practical design.
But even more today well known Mercedes elements were introduced back then.
By the way:The name "/8" comes from the cars year of introduction: 1968

Today, the W 114 / 8 slowly moves from cheap used car to classic. You hardly see
any models in daily traffic. But some have already reached the required age
in order to get a historic license-plate. Those are now-a-days respected classics.

The picture on top of the page shows my car in a almost original condition.
The pre-owner had lowered the car by cutting the springs. What the Low-Mercy
looks like now and what restaurations and modifications have been done to it
can be read when you click "Restauration" in the sideline.