Lowrider Masters 2004

3. - 4. April - Eis Arena Herne

... the first show - saturday ...

At 5 p.m., it was time for the dancers - the low-mercy was one of the first cars to hit the floor

Like Usher...: Screaming Yeah !

Unbelievable hoppin'-action - major props to Patrick for the best performace of the week end

Also in the dacer category: "Pizza für Jonas Wagner"
Andi with his Renault delivery...great show - great
hopping! Thanx again for the set of k/o's that we threw
in the 63 wagon - cool shit!
For all your hydro needs: www.show-time-hydraulics.de

after that, the fat dancers took over the field...:

Once more: H-Town in the house ! Jenns and his W 108

Mike from the States workin' his Olds...

...and chillin' with the guys after the show-down

H-Town in the house again: Lars Vegas pimpin' his convertible

McFly's plan worked out: take a $ 750 Ford, add four show-time pumps and 15 batteries and hopp it away

Smoke, more smoke....

...the weed-bomber !
One more hot H-Town performance: we had to roll all day, but got to smoke all night

Mr. H is back

the final part - radical hopping action...!
click above for details

Editors note: Some of the pictures posted above are have been taken from lowrider-matsers.de

2004 by Michael Steinmetz, Bayreuth