International Tuning Salon

1. - 3. November - Mechelen, Belgien

... saturday and sunday ...

While being on our way back to the hotel early sunday morning, we just
couldn't resist and had to fool-around with Dr. Low's license plates

Back-view of the '60's Impala: four Pro-Hopper pumps, Optima betteries and lots of solenoids

That's one nice three-wheel motion

Between the shows, Lez and I got the chance to check-out some more show-cars...
Left: a new-age Audi A8 sittin' on dubs; Right: a fast-and-the-furious replica car

Do I have to mention that big chrome
rimms are all the rage now?

Outside of the showroom floor, there were some more nice classic VWs to check-out

Due to misterious pump failures, Dr. Low had to replace one of his pump-motors

She couldn't forget the low-mercy team: Mrs. Belgium back in the Benz

Hey ladies, don't you want to get closer and have some action ?

Bikini-chicks and low-lows and seem to come in pairs...nice posing!

Skinny but-cheeks in small bikinis look good on my red leather seats!

No sorry, we're too busy now to give you our phonenumbers

One last view of the arena before we
had to head back to H-Town

Some gasstation on our was back. We were so exhausted - eight hour drive ? Damn, but it was worth it !!!

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2004 by Michael Steinmetz, Bayreuth