International Tuning Salon

1. - 3. November - Mechelen, Belgium

Since we were facing a very long trip (500 km), Torteless and left H-Town early friday morning.
The mercy had been sitting on the trailer all night, so we were able to take-off at 4 a.m.

After driving for hours and crossing the borders of the Netherlands, we
finally got closer to the place of the event: Nekkarhallen - Mechelen

The weather was bad that day so Lez and had to spent another
hour to get the mercy back into show condition

We arrived in Mechelen around noon and were more then hungry. But what
was there to eat? Only Pannekooken, Braatwoorst and Frietten

Damn - in the arena, the low-low sat there just perfect !

All work was done, so party time could start for us and
soon after we started to relax, the other show-cars arrived

Henning's new-age VW Bus sporting 4 Low-Joe's pumps and Addex dumps

In the arena: well-known euros (Dr. Low's VW Golf) and classic Dertroit iron

Left: my boy Lez taking care of the show-coverage;
Right: Henning relaxing between shows

Business as usual: Mr. Voice - "Don't you loose any water!!!"

Red '60 Impala (Belgium) ; Green Monzta (Flash promo-car)

Time for switch-hitting in the pit - I hooked my hair up !

May we introduce: Mrs. Belgium watched the low-mercy show and was all ours afterward

You can see it in our eyes - she made our day !

Later that night, we found ourselfes all alone with the tuned showcars....Playstation
all night long and free food and drinks for us! I just couldn't find an opener for the bottles ;)

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2004 by Michael Steinmetz, Bayreuth